Epstool is a utility to create or extract preview images in EPS files, fix bounding boxes and convert to bitmaps.



Create EPS file tiger2.eps with TIFF (G3 Fax) preview
  epstool --add-tiff-preview --device tiffg3 tiger.eps tiger2.eps

Add colour preview to EPS file
  epstool ---add-tiff6p-preview tiger.eps tiger3.eps

Extract TIFF preview from tiger3.eps
  epstool --extract-preview tiger3.eps tiger3.tif

EPS file has incorrect %%BoundingBox. Add TIFF4 preview and calculate %%BoundingBox from bitmap.
  epstool --add-tiff4-preview --bbox golfer.eps golfer2.eps

Adjust the BoundingBox of an existing EPS file, but don't add a preview:
  epstool --copy --bbox golfer.eps golfer2.eps

Obtaining epstool

Grab the epstool 3.09 Windows zip file or the Unix tar.gz file.

Send problem reports to Russell Lang.

Updated 2018-08-11 by Russell Lang